SRES.28 - A Resolution To Provide Sufficient Time For Legislation To Be Read.

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2/11/2013--Introduced. Makes it out of order in the Senate to consider any measure or matter until one session day has passed since introduction for every 20 pages included in the measure or matter in the usual form, plus one session day for any number of remaining pages less than 20. Authorizes any Senator to raise a point of order that any measure or matter is not in order. Makes out of order any motion to table such point of order. Allows any Senator to move to waive the point of order by an affirmative yea and nay vote of two-thirds of the Senators. Makes all such motions debatable collectively for up to three hours equally divided between the Senator raising the point for order and the Senator moving to waive it, or their designees. Makes unamendable any motion to waive the point of order.

Referred To The Committee On Rules And Administration.
February 11th 2013 @ 12:00 AM

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