SRES.7 - A Resolution To Permit The Senate To Avoid Unnecessary Delay And Vote On Matters For Which Floor Debate Has Ceased.

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1/3/2013--Introduced. Amends Rule XXII (Precedence of Motions) of the Standing Rules of the Senate to make out of order any dilatory motion, including dilatory quorum calls, following the filing of a cloture motion to close debate on a measure, and prior to the cloture vote, as long as the matter on which cloture has been filed remains the pending matter. Makes it in order, on the other hand, if at any time no Senator seeks recognition on the floor, for the Majority Leader to move the question on cloture as long as any applicable filing deadline for first degree amendments has passed. Makes it in order, also, for the Majority Leader to move the question on which cloture has been invoked on an executive nomination or a motion to proceed if, at any time after cloture is invoked, no Senator seeks recognition on the floor.

Submitted In The Senate. Placed On Senate Legislative Calendar Under Over, Under The Rule.
January 3rd 2013 @ 12:00 AM

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