About VoteTocracy

Dave Kraljic, CEO Saturday February 26th 2011

Votetocracy is a place where every citizen can see every bill currently in Congress, vote on those bills, and send those votes to their representatives. The site was created by three regular citizens who felt it was time to find a way to engage Americans with the American political system. During our efforts to educate ourselves about our government we discovered that it was not all that easy. We found plenty of information, but it is written in difficult to understand political speak. We also found that it was not particularly easy to act on this information. When we found bills on government websites, we had no measurable way to act on it. Sure, you could write a letter or contact our representatives, but there was no real way of knowing that it would actually accomplish anything. These things felt like barriers. It was then that we decided that there had to be a better way and Votetocracy is the the result of our efforts.

The site has the tools necessary for any citizen to find out what Congress is working on. More importantly however, is the ability to act on that information. We created the site so that citizens can vote on the same bills that Congress does, and send their vote to their representatives with the click of a button.

We feel there are three major areas that we can help citizens.

  1. Access to information
  2. Education about that information
  3. Provide the capacity to act on that information and measure the results

What Would Happen if Millions of Americans Voted No and Congress Voted Yes?

Imagine if tens of millions citizens voting on various bills, equaling hundreds of millions of votes. What would happen if a Senator's constituents voted no and he or she voted yes? Would this event influence the Senator's future behavior? Would it cause them to rethink the policies they support if their constituents had easy access to their voting records, showing them to be at odds with their supporters? We believe it would. 


When introducing Votetocracy one of the first questions asked is: Are you neutral? How do I know you're not swaying the votes? The answer is always the same, trust - at least for now. Our viewpoints are irrelevant. We maintain complete neutrality by letting voters speak for themselves. When the site reaches millions of users we will conduct audits by third parties.

Funding and Investors

The site is currently self-funded. We pay for the development out of our own pockets. In order to grow the site and provide all of the features and information needed to fulfill our goals, we will pursue a profitable business.

Want to learn more about our team.

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Dave Kraljic