Voting Agreement Levels

Erin Carson, Lead Analyst Wednesday May 28th 2014

VoteTocracy enables citizens to vote directly on bills pending in Congress.  These votes are captured and aggregated into agreement levels, enabling comparisons between members of Congress and voters themselves.  It provides a dynamic view of agreement and or disagreement, updated constantly to reflect continuing voting.  We provide the agreement level in several ways, supporting journalists with the ability to discuss these trends as part of any story about a piece of legislation. Publishers interested in embedding this capability as part of on-line platforms should contact us at and ask about DropBill. 


  1. The National Agreement reflects all votes cast by all VoteTocracy Voters.

  2. The District Agreement reflects all votes cast ONLY BY VoteTocracy Voters in the legislator’s district or State. Data sets are useful in terms of expressing sentiment for the legislator based on votes cast on specific bills legislator has voted.

  3. A National Scoreboard, displaying a scroll able national map enabling drill down into individual states.  

  4. Agreement by Major Party