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VoteTocracy Chrome Extension Turns The Entire Internet Into A Congressional Voting And Messaging Platform

Dave Kraljic, CEO    Nov 06, 2014

New features: The Congressional Scoreboard

Dave Kraljic, CEO    May 16, 2014

VoteTocracy part of Founders Institute NY spring semester

We are very pleased to announce that we are part of the Founders Institute New York Spring Semester. In fact - as of this posting - the semester is about half way through. FI has been a great experience and it continues to help us move Votetocracy forward.

Dave Kraljic, CEO    Jun 05, 2011

Privacy Policy

How does Votetocracy respect your privacy? Read on to see details on how we respect your privacy and use information we collect on this site.  

Dave Kraljic, CEO    May 07, 2011

Why we built VoteTocracy

Frustration, Ignorance and a lot of hope: Why we created Votetocracy

We thought it is important to let everyone know why we created As many Americans we were frustrated. Frustrated by some of the events of the last year (this post was originally written in 2009) and by our own ignorance about what actually goes on within Congress. So we took interest in learning more about. Read on to learn about our discoveries and the outcome of our learnings. 

Dave Kraljic, CEO    May 07, 2011

About VoteTocracy

Votetocracy is a place where every citizen can see every bill currently in congress, vote on those bills and send those votes to their representatives. This site was created by three regular citizens that felt it was time to get engaged with American politics. During our efforts to become more educated about our government we discovered that it was not all that easy. We found plenty of information. But it is written in difficult to understand political speak. We also found that it was not particularly easy to act on this information. When we found bills on government websites we had no measurable way to act on it. Sure, you could write a letter or contact our representatives, but had no real way of knowing that it would actually accomplish anything. These things felt like barriers. It was then that we decided that there had to be a better way and Votetocracy is the the result of our efforts.

Dave Kraljic, CEO    Feb 26, 2011

A letter and donation from Fred and Linda - you are why we built Votetocracy

We often receive emails from members thanking us for creating Votetocracy. This one in particular motivates us to keep improving. It is one of the first we ever received.

Erin Carson, Lead Analyst    Sep 03, 2011

Pitching at June UltraLight Startups in NY

UltraLight Startups is a great community of entrepreneurs and mentors. ULS’s focus is on practicing nimble, effective, self-funded and cost-scalable methods of developing a product and company. We'll be presenting at their June 9th event at Microsoft's office in NY.

Erin Carson, Lead Analyst    Jun 05, 2011

Terms of Service

Please read the Terms of Service

Erin Carson, Lead Analyst    May 07, 2011