Track Agreement With Your Congressional Delegation

Erin Carson, Lead Analyst Monday May 19th 2014

Track Agreement with Your Congressional Delegation

These are your leaders in Congress.  Congress drafts and passes bills. Bills govern the country, spend our money and send our troops into battle. Bills passed by Congress and signed into law by the Executive branch connect to every American across, literally, every aspect of our lives, the air we breathe, the water we drink, the roads we drive.  And on and on.  Bills therefore are the currency of policy making in our country. Your Congressional Delegation represents you, or should, on these important matters. 

VoteTocracy enables you to compare how you vote on bills Congress is considering, or passing to the votes of your Congressional leaders.  You voted “Yes” on a bill to boost the minimum wage, or make college more affordable, and your Congressional leaders voted “Yes,” then it’s all good.  Different votes?  That may mean your Congressional leaders are not representing your views.  It could be they are too reliant on polls and surveys.  At VoteTocracy, when you vote on a bill, you message Congress directly, so no interpretation is necessary.