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What is Votetocracy?

Ever wonder how a bill becomes a law? Or maybe how many representatives there are in Congress? Perhaps your wondering what their voting records look like.

Votetocracy is a place where citizens can learn about government, find out what Congress is doing, and, most importantly, vote on bills in Congress. Votetocracy was created to allow citizens to take measurable action on bills.

Writing your senators or writing congress is a strong action citizens should take. However, we believe the internet can be a more effective catalyst for change. Imagine 10 million citizens vote yes on a bill and Congress votes no. By tallying your votes, the solidarity of citizens is clearly present. With your votes and Congress' voting records clearly presented, citizens can clearly see if the outcome was favorable.

Here's how it Works:

Votetocracy provides you with simple, easy to use and understand resources to learn about government as well as take many forms of action

  • See our national write your congressman list
  • Current bills in Congress
  • Congressional delegation
  • Voting Records
  • Congress email address and tools to write your congressman and write your senator