Welcome to VoteTocracy Plus, a new resource for anyone with a professional interest in Congress.

Professionals tracking Congress challenged us: Build a comprehensive, easy to navigate resource that makes our lives easier. And price it less than alternative solutions.

Here it is: VoteTocracy Plus

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We offer: Legislative Analysis Built for covering Congress.

Use our analytical coverage to get the meaning and impact of a bill, faster. Our Bill Analysis provides an original 15-point breakdown covering elements you can’t find on other legislative sites. Who is Affected, Provisions Made Clear, Cheering and Fearing, Background, the Sponsor's Pitch and Want More are just a few sections our neutral Policy Analysts include in each of the bills we cover daily. Review examples of our Bill Analysis:

We index: Breaking Political News

Follow our indexed AP News and then quickly filter stories by Member of Congress and by major legislative categories. Each Member of Congress referenced in a story is highlighted and linked to our Legislator Profile page. The profile page includes all the stories with reference to that legislator. Search stories by member and legislative category. Our approach helps link breaking news, bills and profiles in one convenient location.

We deliver: Comprehensive Lawmaker Profiles

Quickly dig deeper into well-organized Legislator Profiles. Augment a story using data from well regarded, 3rd party data providers such as Open Secrets, VoteSmart, the FEC and others to see relationships impacting legislators. Review examples of our Legislator Profiles:

We create: Jump-Starts for Issue Oriented Stories

Use our Hot Issues in Congress to rapidly see pending legislation by popular issue. College Affordability, Veterans Benefits, and Keystone XL are just a few examples. We group bills by issue creating a theme for articles focusing on how Congress is working to address a policy challenge. The topic is summarized and enhanced with info-graphics available for download. Each bill is linked back its Bill Page, providing a range of information sourced directly from Congress and, if analyzed by VoteTocracy, a complete Bill Analysis.

What's Included? Govtrack Congress.gov
Legislative Tools 
Congressional Coverage Team
Bill Analysis
Bill Analysis By Request
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Week Back & Week Ahead in Congress
Hot Issues in Congress
Indexed Political News (Sourced from AP US News & Politics)
Bill Analysis 
Momentum Update
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Who is Affected
Committee Actions
Political Momentum
Sponsor’s Pitch
White House Position
Cheering and Fearing
Provisions Made Clear
Amendments & Related Bills
Want More
Legislator Profiles 
Sponsored Bills
Co-Sponsored Bills
Voting Agreement Levels
Funding Data
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Election Data
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State Data
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Indexed Political News (Sourced from AP US News & Politics)
Interest Groups
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Bill Basics 
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Congressional Summary
Congressional Voting Activity
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Bills, By Chamber (Sourced from GovTrack)
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Tracking & Alerts 
Bill Track / Bill Alert
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Personal Bill Dashboard
Congressional Research Summaries
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State Legislation