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Here's what to expect

Step 1 — Identify your Leadership Team Your leadership team consists of 2 State Senators and 1 District Representative. These members are your congressional liasons and want to hear from you.

Step 2 — Discover Bills Relevant to You There are currently 14554 Bills in Congress and counting. We walk you through the process of finding those that are relevant to you and notify you when new ones arrive.

Step 3 — Compare your Alignment As you vote, you'll begin to build Agreement Scores with each Member of Congress which compares your voting actions to theirs.

Step 4 — Amplify your Voice With each vote, you may send a customized message to your Leadership Team plus every Member of Congress responsible for that Bill in just one click.

Step 5 — Affect Congress The power of a collective voice should not be underestimated. VoteTocracy makes it easy to rally support around the issues you care about.

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